The unidentified man was reported missing for more than 12 hours before he was finally rescued off a remote island in Jamaica Bay, Queens.
The octopus-wielding pinniped appears to be a New Zealand fur seal.
The actress is very thankful for the "blond human" who came to her rescue.
"It just wouldn't stop," said Dan Wherley.
"Did I get us lost in a kayak? Yes. Did we paddle as hard as we could for 100 hours and end up in a shipping lane? I’m afraid so."
With summer still months and months away, the New York winter can feel like an endless barrage of snowy, wet, windy weather
Bill Smith taught us the art of "looking, seeing, thinking, and doing... listening, hearing, understanding, and doing." You
Sillouette of a brown bear yawning. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish Bear viewing adventure on the coast: Silver Salmon Creek
Life lessons are being learned everywhere in this world right now. Whether you're at home or traveling across the globe, you're
I recently got back from my 7th continent trip - a basecamp activity cruise to Antarctica. As one would anticipate, it truly was a trip of a lifetime and filled with unexpected adventures at every turn.