The actress is very thankful for the "blond human" who came to her rescue.
"Did I get us lost in a kayak? Yes. Did we paddle as hard as we could for 100 hours and end up in a shipping lane? I’m afraid so."
Panama For a relaxing winter retreat, we like these four destinations because they're hot, beautiful, and easy to explore
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Float planes pull right up to the Farm Lodge for transport into interior Lake Clark. Photo credit: Jonathan Irish With such
Traveling to Antarctica captures part of your soul and drops you in a majestic, serene, unlivable and harsh world where you
I recently got back from my 7th continent trip - a basecamp activity cruise to Antarctica. As one would anticipate, it truly was a trip of a lifetime and filled with unexpected adventures at every turn.
Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum is located just outside of downtown. The 45-room mansion was once a golden age
The waterfront community of Seward, Alaska, is your jumping off point into Kenai Fjords National Park. Photo credit: Jonathan
Conveniently located on the second floor of the Glacier Bay Lodge is the National Park Service Visitor Center. Nightly educational programs are offered, and passionate park service employees are on hand to answer questions to help you better plan your adventures.
Just five hours of quiet driving on country roads north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota resides Voyageurs National Park, one of only three national parks in the American Midwest. The theme of this park is water - 84,000 acres of freshwater highways that enfold nearly 900 islands and shore off the north woods.
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The most unexpected of all the sports was easily the dog events. There were four in all: Speed Retrieve, Extreme Vertical
Grand Bay to Delices. This hike, via Perdu Temps, is marked on the map but locals told me that multiple landslides caused
Question - Is there any way people can support your project ? LP: Ah yes the team, what can I say but they are my rocks they
Discover why the best museums are hidden under the sea Climb the waterfall made famous by James Bond's Dr. No Photo courtesy
Today my fear rides shotgun. Maybe one day I will manage to wrestle it into the backseat, maybe even the trunk. Better yet, perhaps there will come a time when fear will only be briefly glimpsed in the side view mirror.
Hatteras Island is located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Hatteras Island is 50 miles long and 3.5 milies wide and