This Sweater Is Perfect For Anyone Who Is Done Talking About Politics

Or anything, for that matter.

If you’ve had it up to here with talk about the election, the president elect and the sheer volume of news surrounding both of those things, boy have we got the sweater for you.

The “Leave Me Alone” sweater, designed by Pinterest engineer Ruth Wong, appears at first glance like a regular old sweater but can, according to Wong, be worn three ways: cowl neck, off the shoulder and “leave me alone.”

What does a leave-me-alone sweater look like, you ask? Picture a turtleneck that just keeps going and is then zippered shut, like so:

Wong wrote on Instructables, along with the steps to make it, that the leave-me-alone mode “is more of a statement than a functional piece of clothing,” and that she “can’t see anything through my sweater.” She suggests that if you’d like to wear it more often and in more situations, to “add eye holes.”

The sweater is just a DIY for now, but after it started getting attention Wong posted it on Betabrand, where it could eventually go into production.

Hey, it’s less work than getting into a Facebook fight, right?

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