Lena Dunham's Best Fashion Moments From 'Girls' (GIFS)

If you were to see a list of Lena Dunham's accomplishments, you would think that she has had a long career in Hollywood. But as everyone knows, this actor, filmmaker and writer recently graduated from college and is only in her mid-twenties. With two Golden Globe Awards, a $3.5 million deal book deal and one of the most buzzed-about television shows on air, this young woman is headed for mega-stardom (though it could be argued that she is already there).

In celebration of Dunham's 27th birthday (on May 13), we are taking a look at some of her funniest fashion moments on "Girls." Between her mesh tank tops, snuggies and attempts to dress like a grown-up, we are always left LOLing at her, um, interesting sartorial choices.

When in doubt, wear mesh.

Floral capris should come with a warning.

Leave the costumes for Halloween.

When you break up with a sociopath, you end up wearing a snuggie (natch).

Plaid makes you jump higher, FYI.

" title="Santigolds neuer Track heißt Girls und ist für die gleichnamige HBO Erfolgsserie entstanden, die es ab dem 13. Januar wieder mit neuen Folgen zu sehen gibt.


This is a true sign that you're a grownup.

This would be a beauty don't.

When you're trying to have a serious conversation, go for a high-waisted skirt.

Cupcakes and floral is our favorite combination too!

Check out the best fashion moments for "Girls" season two:

"Girls" Season 2 Fashion

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