12 Lessons From Pre-Internet Days Parents Wish Kids Still Learned Today

Like how to use a dictionary or read a map.

Back in the "old" days, there were many things kids had to learn that aren't necessary to know in today's world -- like memorizing your best friend's phone number or how to read a map. Though they're no longer required, those lessons still hold a lot of value. We asked the HuffPost Parents community what things from the pre-Internet world they wish their kids knew. Remember: it's never too late to teach them!

“Spelling and writing in cursive! Although my children are excellent spellers (they are 6 and 8 years old), I'm seeing and hearing too many older kids and teens not know how to spell simple words thanks to spell check. Also, cursive writing needs to stay in schools. Children will still need a signature for documents when they grow up.” -- Thyjuan Stack

“I wish my kids knew how to use a card catalog in the library or understood the Dewey decimal system. The library nowadays just has a computer tell them what shelf to go to.” -- Ellie Houston

"I wish kids today learned street smarts. It's one of the most important things I've taught my kids! Most kids are so focused on their phone they forget to monitor their surroundings.” -- Rose Nape

“I wish kids today were able to communicate effectively. Kids with the world of social media at their fingertips can't talk to each other in person.” -- Tracy Dinkmeyer

“I think pre-Internet the world had more patience, which older generations gained from experiences like leaving messages on answering machines and waiting for someone to call back, typing papers on a typewriter, waiting for 'snail mail.' Kids today get too much instant gratification. Unfortunately everything in life isn't so easily gained.” -- Kelly Alicia Kaz

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