Random Dudes Fighting With Lightsabers In Snow Give Major 'Force Awakens' Vibes

A woman filmed the viral "Star Wars" moment from her apartment balcony -- "only in Colorado."

Video of two people having a “Star Wars”-style lightsaber duel has gone viral since Anghelie Elizabeth posted it to her Facebook.

She filmed the curious sight from her balcony on the evening of Feb. 20, apparently catching the end of this epic pretend battle with toy weapons.

“Only in Colorado can I stand on my balcony and see two men fighting with lightsabers, in 30° degree weather while it’s snowing outside,” she wrote.

Elizabeth can be heard giggling in the clip, and she told radio station 104.3 that she was indeed laughing a lot.

Hey, Anghelie, lightsaber fights in the snow can be serious business.

Remember Rey and Kylo Ren going at it in “Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens”?

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