Elected officials are spending the last of a spring federal COVID relief package as an end-of-year deadline approaches.
In a national first, Colorado voters approved Proposition 114, ordering the state wildlife agency to reintroduce the gray wolf within their borders.
Proposition 118 provides 12 weeks of time off to new parents and those who are dealing with an illness or taking care of a sick family member.
Reproductive rights advocates said Proposition 115 would have been devastating for people seeking abortions in Colorado and around the country.
The race never lived up to its initial hype as the former Democratic governor easily unseated a top Trump ally.
The two state ballot initiatives could have devastating effects on people seeking reproductive health care.
The fire spread into Rocky Mountain National Park as hot, dry, windy conditions persisted.
The vulnerable Colorado Republican instead said Trump needs to be "more specific in his communications with the American people.”