The Colorado Republican claimed she had made a joke about her Muslim colleague being a terrorist while sharing an elevator.
Gov. Jared Polis (D) defied federal guidance on COVID-19 booster shots, issuing an order allowing all residents 18 years old and older to get them.
The garage-crashing black-footed ferret surprised a homeowner in Pueblo West.
Boebert's Federal Election Commission filing lists the Colorado lawmaker as a candidate for Congress in Utah.
Search and rescue crew members issued a plea after multiple calls to a person missing on Mount Elbert in Colorado went unanswered.
Carla Faith was only licensed to care for up to six children at her Colorado Springs private daycare.
The health plans also include expanded mental health coverage and opioid alternatives for pain management.
Organ recipients who aren't vaccinated against COVID-19 are at much greater risk of dying from the disease, data shows.
Brady Mistic, who uses American Sign Language to communicate, has sued the city of Idaho Springs, Colorado, and the officers who arrested him.
The Trump administration's controversial relocation of the Bureau of Land Management headquarters resulted in hundreds of staff departures.
A federal judge ruled Thursday that Robert Dear is incompetent to stand trial for the 2015 deaths of three people.
This week's nuptials for Polis and the first gentleman marked the first same-sex wedding of a sitting U.S. governor.
Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said he prefers taxes on “things you actually want to penalize in society,” such as pollution and cigarette smoking.
A new report says Mike Lindell is providing a secret safe house to a Colorado county clerk amid an FBI investigation.
Farmers in Arizona and Nevada, along with two Mexican states, will face cutbacks next year in a grim sign of what’s to come as the climate warms.
The compromised machines were decertified following a serious "security breach."
It might be time to rename the Colorado Rockies' purple dinosaur.
A giant bull moose very suddenly decided to take a break from foraging to chase a human who got too close.
A three-judge panel in Colorado denied Lorie Smith’s attempt to overturn a lower court ruling by a 2-1 vote.
A video showing a police officer pistol-whipping and choking a Black man during an arrest in a Denver suburb has reignited anger over policing in the community.