A woman filmed the viral "Star Wars" moment from her apartment balcony -- "only in Colorado."
The decision to relocate from Colorado to Alabama was made one week before Donald Trump left office. It has raised questions of political retaliation.
"I had no idea the Klan had such a powerful hold in Colorado until I found confirmation about my grandfather and began researching."
The deaths across six states raise this season's death toll to 21. Recent weather patterns are being blamed for creating unstable snowpack.
Similar tents have popped up around the country and in places like Brazil and England, where some people call them “cuddle curtains.”
Less than two weeks into 2021 and it's already brought us lasso snakes.
California and Colorado have found a new strain of the virus that was first confirmed in the U.K. as Los Angeles County records more than 10,000 deaths.
Two employees at an assisted living facility in rural Colorado have now tested positive.
Colorado officials were expected to provide more details on Wednesday about how the man in his 20s came down with the COVID-19 variant.
A male in his 20s has tested positive for the more contagious variant in Colorado.