Authorities say the person who would later kill five at a Colorado gay nightclub was on the FBI’s radar before being arrested for threatening to kill family members.
"This is kinda deja vu, reliving it all over again,” said Tiara Latrice Kelley, who performed at Orlando's Pulse nightclub before the 2016 mass shooting there.
Conservationists worry that the Bureau of Land Management is moving too slowly on a key tool for success.
The Supreme Court is being warned about the potentially dire consequences of a case next week involving a Christian graphic artist who objects to designing wedding websites for same-sex couples.
Democratic rival Adam Frisch has already conceded defeat, saying that he believes a new count will not change the election's outcome.
"To the youth I say be brave," said Thomas James. "Your family is out there. You are loved and valued. So when you come out of the closet, come out swinging."
A mass shooting at a popular gay club in Colorado Springs has resurfaced questions about the city's past and future among its residents.
Republicans have secured control of the U.S. House of Representatives but their exact majority is still unknown.
Colorado Democrats have questioned why law enforcement did not use the law after the shooting suspect was arrested following a bomb threat in 2021.
The Colorado Springs shooting came during a drag show. Such events have been increasingly targeted by figures on the right.