Environmental groups have petitioned the White House to establish a national monument along the Dolores River — and many local residents are fuming.
The Colorado mom's husband, once a suspect in her disappearance, told authorities in 2020 that he shot tranquilizer darts at deer.
A Colorado judge has sentenced a former paramedic to probation in the death of Elijah McClain.
The Colorado couple misspent nearly $900,000 in pandemic relief funds on vacations, cosmetic surgery, jewelry and other personal expenses, authorities allege.
The Colorado representative was also diagnosed with May-Thurner Syndrome and is expected to make a full recovery.
Boebert said she "can't wait for the ribbon cuttings," but failed to mention that she didn't actually vote for the bill that brought the money to her district.
Republicans and Democrats cast their ballots for the 2024 presidential primary on Tuesday.
Colorado police accused Miles Harford of hiding the woman’s corpse and hoarding the cremated remains of at least 30 people.
Police have arrested a student on double murder charges in the fatal shootings in a dorm room last week at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs.
The two companies struck a "no-poaching" deal to weaken workers' leverage during a strike, Colorado's attorney general says.