Make BEACH TOWN Your Summer Destination

Summer books are supposed to be entertaining, romantic, sexy and amusing. They should also be easy to read and easy to enjoy. BEACH TOWN by Mary Kay Andrews fits this description to a "t". Andrews' book has enough of a plot to give the book weight but not enough of one to sink you into depression. Summer readers want to feel some emotion but they don't want their day at the beach ruined.

Greer Hennessy has her summer laid out before her. She has been hired to scout locations for an upcoming film. She needs a place that is not overly commercial and still has a feel for the beach towns of a few decades ago. After much searching she finds the perfect locale in the Florida town of Cypress Key. With this task accomplished the circus, composed of film crew and cast, comes to town.

The film is good for the economy but there are some occurrences which do not sit well with the Mayor of Cypress Key, Eben Thibadeaux (think Matthew McConaughey oozing southern charm). Eb comes across as a laid back good ole boy but there are some things he will not sell out for money such as an old casino in the town which the moviemakers want to destroy. They actually want to blow it up. Eb says no way.

He also doesn't like the rock star/movie star of the film dallying with his niece. This teenage heartthrob has a problem with drugs and acceptable social behavior, and this means he has a problem with Eb. All of this also means that Greer has a problem. She needs to keep things serene while the movie is being made. This is also a part of her job.

Further complicating things is the budding romance between Greer and Eb. She knows that location romances are taboo but there is just something about this man's lazy boy charm. Her head is telling her no,no, no but who ever listens to their head when involved in a summertime romance.

What leads this book to the head of the pack for summer literature is the fact Mary Kay Andrews can write. Before you can say sunburn she has trapped her readers between the city limits of this town and they are not getting out until the story is done. She has woven this same kind of spell with her previous books and with BEACH TOWN she does it again even better and bigger.

There is a lot of competition out there for your beach bag filler this year. You had best go with the lady who has the track record of creating hit after hit after hit. To read Mary Kay Andrews is to love Mary Kay Andrews and BEACH TOWN is no exception. Set your sites for this summer destination and have a grand time with a fascinating storyteller

BEACH TOWN is published by St Martin's Press. It contains 448 pages and sells for $26.99.

Jackie K Cooper