Moms Explain Their 'Fierce Love' For Gay Sons In Heartwarming Video

"I worried about prejudice. I worried about you being safe.”

Gay men sit down with their mothers for a frank, and occasionally emotional, discussion about their relationships in this heartwarming video.

The video, titled “Mama Said: Gay Sons & Their Moms,” highlights the special ― and often extremely close ― connection that many gay men have with their mothers. It was produced by Los Angeles-based psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey and posted to YouTube on Monday.

Most of the moms featured praise their sons for their self-confidence and courage in their pursuit of an authentic life. Some admit to being impressed by their offspring’s sense of style, too. 

The feelings are mutual. “The kind of love you gave me as a mom taught me everything I know about being there for someone. Period,” one son explains. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s always been smooth sailing. In fact, a number of the mothers acknowledge they still have fears for their sons’ safety and well-being, especially in America’s current political climate. 

“I wish I could’ve been there for you because you were struggling,” one mother says. Adds another, “Coming from a very conservative state, I worried about prejudice. I worried about you being safe.”  

Dempsey, whose YouTube channel boasts more than 47,000 subscribers, told HuffPost that “Mama Said” was intended as a celebration of the “fierce love” the mothers had shown, as well as a way to hear their opinions on “how they think things turned out.” 

“For many of us, our moms were the first ones who let us open up emotionally,” he said. “Our moms gave us license to set down the pretense of how a ‘real boy’ was supposed to be and allowed us to just be ourselves.”

Since Dempsey launched his YouTube series six years ago, he’s tackled a number of pertinent issues within the LGBTQ community. Previous videos have explored body image, slut-shaming and depression