'Our Major Cities Will Be Submerged': Climate-Change Threats (VIDEO)

Many of Our Major Cities Will Be Submerged: Climate-Change Horrors (VIDEO)
On Monday, November 30th, The Huffington Post is thrilled to showcase, in a special event, the new film from Oscar-winner Charles Ferguson entitled "Time to Choose." The entire film will be available for viewing by our readers around the world.
"I don't think most citizens in the world have really grasped what is happening -- and what these risks are," says Dr. Steven Chu, former U.S. Secretary of Energy, in a clip from the latest film by Ferguson. "Many of our major cities will be submerged."
Ferguson's new documentary examines the climate-change crisis, and plainly proffers some stark realities of rising global temperatures. If the Greenland ice sheets melt, the film notes, sea levels will rise 23 feet, threatening New York, Shanghai, Mumbai, Istanbul and every other coastal city on the planet.
The film, which debuted this past September at the Telluride Film Festival, will be screened at two special events in Paris in two weeks during the UN climate-change conference (aka COP21). Look here on the morning of Monday, November 30 -- the opening day of the conference -- to watch.
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