Margarita And Slushy Makers For Making Frozen Drinks

Five of the best-selling blenders from Walmart for frozen margaritas, daiquiris and other drinks.

When you go to someone’s house for a summer cookout and are craving a cold beverage, the usual suspects are typically available ... soda, beer, wine, maybe a cocktail or two. But the rarer, more exciting option is a frozen beverage.

Unfortunately, most traditional counter blenders aren’t powerful enough to perfect that smooth, refreshing characteristic that most frozen drinks at restaurants and bars tend to have. Luckily, though, there is an easy fix for that: Getting your own frozen drink blender.

If you’re interested in being the most sought-after house on the block for a good party and a great drink, here are five of the best-selling blenders from Walmart for frozen margaritas, daiquiris and other drinks.

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A commercial slushy maker to really impress your friends
To some, buying a commercial-grade slushy or frozen margarita maker might be excessive. To others, it might be the best decision of a lifetime. Really, though, imagine whipping out this bad boy at a party — pretty fun. It’s pricey, but it has incredible customer reviews.
A budget-friendly slushy and margarita maker
Not everyone has the desire (or budget) to throw down a ton of cash for a high-tech smoothie maker, but there are more affordable options everywhere if you know where to look. And for smaller parties, this one would work just as well as the bigger, commercial option.

One happy customer wrote: “We used the margarita machine for our family get together and we loved it. It takes a while to get the margarita's just right but the wait is well worth it. Able to serve lots of drinks at once and that was great!!”
This Jimmy Buffet-approved dream machine
This machine allows you to make and serve multiple, different frozen concoctions at once. From Jimmy Buffet’s brand Margaritaville, this is a frozen beverage aficionado's dream. It features three independent blending stations and can make 72 ounces or six frozen drinks per cycle.
A simple, easy-to-pour frozen margarita maker
Jimmy Buffet knew what he was doing when he decided to turn the song “Margaritaville” into an entire brand of frozen drink makers. Though you can find affordable machines from other brands, it’s the Margaritaville machines that seem to have Walmart’s best reviews outside of the commercial makers.
A retro-style option for less than $50
It can be tempting to get the most elaborate, fancy frozen drink maker, but there are more affordable, simpler options, too. While this one doesn’t have quite the same level of positive reviews as some of the more expensive versions, it would be a great option if you only plan on using it a handful of times per year. It may feel cheaper, as one reviewer points out, but it still produces a good drink: “I was surprised that this machine really grinds the ice well enough for margaritas. The parts are plastic and feel toy like. I thought that there was no way it would make anything. I was wrong.”
A traditional (but powerful) blender
The key to making a good frozen drink is the perfect blend of ice, which is exactly why some standard blenders don’t cut it. This Blendtec blender is so well-reviewed, though, that you can be confident that it can handle all of your frozen margarita and daiquiri making needs. As one customer wrote, “There is no comparison with a regular old blender. The power is amazing. The torque is so high it can move the blender when it breaks up a whole beet or frozen banana. It blends so well everything I've tried.”
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