A Peek At Marilyn Monroe's Last Home, A Spanish-Style House In Brentwood, California (VIDEO)

She had excellent taste in real estate.

If one decides to go look for videos of Marilyn Monroe's home, be forewarned: You'll quickly descend into a rabbit hole of odd ghost "footage," grainy home movies and even a news clip of a Toronto nightclub singer claiming to be the reincarnation of Monroe herself.

Hours later, you'll find go back to this clip of Monroe's last home, located in Brentwood, California, from when the estate was last up for sale.

You will not find any ghosts here. Just a palatial home, tastefully decorated, with portraits of Monroe everywhere. Though we would have loved to see the home in its former glory, we're happy with this.

If you'd like to see more of Marilyn Monroe in honor of what would have been her 87th birthday, check out the fab photos on HuffPost Style. Also, don't miss the HuffPost Live interview where Monroe's close friend reveals what the icon wore to bed. It'll definitely raise an eyebrow.

For a less-busy view of Marilyn Monroe's last home, check out the slideshow below -- and head to HuffPost 50 for the full story.

Marilyn Monroe's Home

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