Marmot Licks GoPro Camera; We Instantly Fall In Love

In the 1971 classic film "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," zany candy creator Wonka encourages a group of people to lick a wall covered in fruit-flavored paper. "The strawberries taste like strawberries! The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!" Wonka exclaims.

While the marmot in this video (above), released by Greenpeace USA, was unlikely influenced by that film, it recreates that scene in its own way, by licking a GoPro camera lens.

Greenpeace USA included some sobering context for the cute clip: "In Glacier National Park, global warming is melting glaciers and shrinking the alpine tundra environment as treelines move higher up the mountains. Shrinking tundra threatens marmots and other animals that live up high in these mountains," the environmental activist group wrote in the video's YouTube description.

While we can all appreciate the moment of levity, Greenpeace's message is some serious food for thought. (We also hope the camera lens tasted like fruit.)

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