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Marrying Again? Here's How To Make Sure Your Second Marriage Lasts

Back in the day, Frank Sinatra assured us that "love is lovelier the second time around." And while we want to believe Ol' Blue Eyes, there's something we first have to admit: for many of us, love and marriage is also a whole lot harder to sustain the second time around. In fact, statistics show that second or later marriages are much more likely to end in divorce than first marriages.

So what can couples who are gung-ho on remarrying do to better their chances of remaining married this time around? On Friday, we asked our readers on Facebook and Twitter to share with us their best tips on second (and third!) marriages. See what they had to say below, then head to the comments and weigh in with your advice.

1. "There has to be acceptance of the 'first family' children. That is a very important place to start, if applicable." -@Donniebrook1975

2. "Honesty and communication and I believe maturity plays a HUGE role in my second marriage. And accepting your spouse for who they are and not thinking you can change them. If they need changing, you should probably NOT be marrying them!" -Gina H.

3. "Marry someone who inspires you to be the best version of you." -Silvia M.

4. "Love, care, intimacy, and more love -- lots of love. It's working for me #lovedup" -@tulahoob

5. "Make sure you have the right person and make your relationship your number one priority. Don't take it for granted. #believe" -‏@MainmacoSeth

6. "Don't make any of the mistakes you made in your first marriage! Plus love, no secrets and lots of snuggling!" - ‏@Classyladynew

7. "Commitment, respect and a lot of laughter. Plus, a cleaning lady and two TVs." -Sara Jane S.

8. "Where do I start? I am blessed to be married to the love of my life. The secret to the success of our marriage is, as my husband puts it, 'learn from your past mistakes and recognize when you make new ones.'

I'd add communication, communication, communication. When my husband and I got married we committed to creating a boundary around our marriage which kept out the drama often associated with second marriages like ex-spouses, kids, and in-laws." -Peggy B.

9. "Be in love, madly in love. Don't rush it and make sure there are no regrets." - ‏@morgan_jody

10. "Say what you need to say!!" -Bob P.

11. "Don't let differences in rearing the children come between you." -Ann W.

12. "Whether it's your first, second or even third marriage, the secret is communication. And don't let hormones make the final decision!" -@OwenRedahan

13. "Steamy sauna time and red red wine!" -Jessica J.

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