Martha Stewart Defends 'Gross' Food Photos, Promises More For Thanksgiving, On 'Late Show' (VIDEO)

Martha Stewart has been getting a lot of flak online for her Twitter food photos. Ever since the popular social media site added the capabilities to embed photos into Tweets, Stewart has been taking pictures of all kinds of savory dishes. At least, she says they're savory. Based on the online reaction, though, they all look pretty disgusting. So she defended herself on "Late Show."

Actually, she said she doesn't get what the big deal is. She still calls it beautiful food, and thinks that people have changed. "People are interested in food, or they used to be. All of a sudden they got repulsed!" she said. Stewart went on to say that people got nasty after Twitter went public, as if the IPO had something to do with the response she's been getting.

She insisted that they were "beautiful pictures," even after David Letterman showed some of them too her. She did acknowledge that one turned out rather dark, but wasn't seeing it the way Letterman was. "The thing at the top of the plate is ... uh ... is that a sandwich?” he asked.

She was doing the same routine on "Today," defending her photos, and even promising a lot more of them on Thanksgiving. People's Marissa Conrad translated Stewarts' responses as her saying, "Haters, I am flawless." But E! Online's Brett Malec couldn't help but laugh, noting that Stewart has started including disclaimers about the pictures in her Tweets.

Maybe some photography classes?

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