4 Mason Jar Meals That Aren't Salad

Practically instant noodle soup, a twist on quiche and more breakfasts and lunches you can pack and take with you.
A Soup Where Hot Water Does All the Work
David Wyffels
The Styrofoam cup-of-noodles soup gets a DIY makeover with this easy recipe. You place thin egg noodles, powdered vegetable bouillon, a pinch of sugar and some shredded, or chopped, carrot, scallion, bok choy, garlic and chili into a jar; pour boiling water over everything; and, let stand 10 to 15 minutes. The noodles and vegetables will become soft and tender, and the water will turn into a delicious savory broth. It's customizable, healthy and gives you an "I made that?!" pride that no disposable bowl ever could.

Get the recipe: Noodle Bowl
The New Way To Eat Ham And Cheese On-the-Go
David Wyffels
Sandwiches are all well and good, but ham and cheese are also a natural fit for eggs, as the classic, quiche Lorraine, perfectly demonstrates. This crustless version in a jar has all the hallmarks of the original, and makes a fine breakfast or lunch. It includes eggs, Gruyère, ham and a pinch of nutmeg, for a subtle extra layer of flavor. It cooks in just 90 seconds in the microwave, too.

Get the recipe: Mason-Jar Quiche Lorraine
The Lazy-Day Muffin for a Crazed Morning
David Wyffels
This clever way to make delicious breakfast muffins in only three minutes will become your new go-to. The trick? Rather than using an oven, you mix all of the ingredients -- just one serving's worth -- in a mason jar and pop it into a microwave. The result is a fresh, single-serve, piping-hot mug muffin with a sweet-tart flavor, thanks to mango-peach jam, that you eat with a spoon.

Get the recipe: Mason-Jar Mango-Peach Muffin
Yogurt That Proves There's A Whole World Beyond Granola Out There
David Wyffels
Plain Greek yogurt continues to amaze us with its versatility, and the thick, tangy protein-rich food goes especially well with spice. To wit: this savory lunch parfait, which combines the dairy-aisle staple with za'atar, a Middle Eastern spice blend you can buy, or easily make yourself. The dish also includes hummus, chickpeas and lemon juice; as well as pita chips for dipping.

Get the recipe: Mason-Jar Savory Yogurt-Parfait
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