Mayoral Candidate Dustin Barca Circles Kauai by Land and Sea

You want to bet that Kauai, Hawaii has the most high-energy mayoral candidate this election? *


Dustin Barca began his circle-the-island marathon to fundraise and "talk-story" with the grassroots on May 29, 2014. He started by paddling from Ke'e Beach on the north, along the Na Pali coast, to Polihale State Park. He then ran around the island with stops to meet up with residents along the way as part of the listening tour.


Barca is a homegrown Kauai father with a definite mission: "We need innovative ideas, rooted in our historical and cultural knowledge, to ensure that our economy is delivering a high quality of life and not compromising the things we value."


Barca's marathon covered about 90 miles in 4 days.







A local style pa`ina (a community feast) was held on Sunday, June 1, 2014 in Hanalei to complete the mayoral race marathon.

"We need to bring tourism and development into alignment with the values and priorities of residents, ensuring that tourism serves Kauai instead of Kauai serving tourism," explained the determined candidate.


To follow the Dustin Barca campaign, subscribe to his campaign page.

Photos Credit: Dustin Barca for Mayor 2014 Facebook

* If any of the 49 state mayoral candidates can outrun Barca, come visit Kauai. We'll give you a free dinner, up to five persons.