McCarren Park Pool Fighting Leads To Cop Getting Punched (VIDEO)

Despite a sparkly $50 million renovation and an exciting reopening last Thursday, the McCarren Park Pool has already been hit with two shutdowns due to violence.

Just a day after the opening ceremony, a lifeguard was attacked by a group of unruly teenagers, irritated by the guard's warning to halt their backflips. The teenagers suddenly pushed the lifeguard into the pool, causing him to bleed and almost drown.

On Monday, another violent brawl erupted at the pool, with one officer getting punched in the face after again attempting to enforce the no-backflip rule. Another officer was injured on the wrist.

Following the first shutdown, at least two NYPD officers were spotted stationed at the facilities, but NYC Parks Advocate Geoffrey Croft has questioned whether that's enough. "The irony here is that one of the reasons why this remained closed for so long is that people did have concerns about issues going on in the pool, he said. "So it is kind of striking that they did not have enough enforcement here."

CBS reports that, contrary to initial reports, no gang affiliation is suspected.

Tell us, with the pool constantly at capacity and misfits ruining the fun, is the pool worth the wait?

See photos of the pool in happier times below:



McCarren Park Pool Opening Ceremony 2012