McDonald's Tweet Announcing Mariah Carey Partnership Has Twitter Users Confused

The tweet showed Carey standing in a red dress in front of what appears to be an underwater McDonald's.

McDonald’s and Mariah Carey teamed up on Wednesday to announce a new partnership, and confused a lot of Twitter users in the process.

The fast food giant is partnering up with the diva on a new “Mariah Menu,” which, starting Dec. 13, will allow folks using the company’s mobile app to get a select free item each day through Christmas Eve with a $1 minimum purchase, according to USA Today.

Although that is clearly explained in a YouTube video featuring Carey, a bizarre Twitter image posted by McDonald’s left many people flummoxed, as it showed a McDonald’s sign sticking out of the ocean behind Carey, who stands in the foreground in a red dress ― but nothing that suggested Christmas. That is, unless you think of Carey as the living embodiment of the holiday thanks to her ubiquitous seasonal standard, “All I Want for Christmas Is You.”

As a result, many people had questions, including Yahoo! writer Dave Holmes, who had at least 26 including:

  • Why is Mariah Carey emerging from the ocean?

  • Is Mariah Carey about to be eaten by a rogue McDonald’s?

  • Is there a scenario in which Mariah Carey pounds her fist onto a conference room table at McDonald’s Corporate and says “No Santa, no elves, no trees. Christmas is ocean,” and if so, did she then put a finger on her ear and hit a whistle tone, for emphasis?

Twitter users also had thoughts. Lots of them.

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