Medics Drop Soccer Player From Stretcher; He's Ticked

"That's embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing."

In an incident that looks like a slapstick comedy routine but is unfortunately real, medics dropped an injured player from a stretcher during a recent Israeli soccer match, For The Win reported.

Maccabi Ahi Nazareth's Moamen Saleh sustained an injury against Maccabi Herzliya Saturday, so medical assistants placed him on the stretcher, according to the Times of Israel. But the player didn't stay there for long. Oops.

After falling to the turf, Saleh was so disgusted by the incompetence that he slapped away the stretcher and got to his feet himself before a teammate carries him off the field.

"That鈥檚 embarrassing, embarrassing, embarrassing,鈥 one broadcaster said, per the Times of Israel. 鈥淎n amusing incident, but definitely embarrassing.鈥

Watch the incident above.


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