Middle East

Well-informed observers told HuffPost they're increasingly confident a combination of progressives and hawks will send a big signal about changing U.S. foreign policy.
The State Department announced that goods produced in the settlements, which are considered illegal under international law, can be labeled as "Made in Israel."
One of the rockets struck close to the American Embassy. The attack signals an end to an informal truce announced by Iran-backed militias in October.
The president seemed to drop the idea after top advisers warned that military action may ignite a broader conflict.
The plan would run counter to military commanders’ advice, while still falling short of Trump’s much-touted goal to end America’s long wars.
Santa Claus came to the Dead Sea on Sunday ahead of the Christmas season.
A half century after Hafez Assad launched a bloodless coup in Syria, his family still rules the country.
An Israeli official said that five Americans were among the dead. The other victims were French and Czech.
The outgoing president is purging agencies to expand his influence, and Biden's team can do little to limit Trump's behavior toward Iran, Afghanistan and more.
The president has showcased his spotty efforts to help Americans like aid worker Aya Hijazi, who was freed from Egyptian custody after Trump's intervention.