Middle East

In private remarks to the pro-Israel lobby last month, Rep. Michael McCaul (Texas) also spoke of pressuring Saudi Arabia to recognize Israel without an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, according to a recording obtained by HuffPost.
The 3,400-year-old city was found “untouched” and “left by the ancient residents as if it were yesterday.”
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition talks will be conducted in the shadow of his corruption trial.
The half-brother of King Abdullah II unleashed an unprecedented public criticism of the country's ruling system.
Nasrin Rejali now has her own business, thanks to help from refugee-focused organizations. Here's how she did it.
Bystanders carried bodies and laid them out on the ground near the site.
Late night comedians joked about a shipping container getting stuck in the Suez Canal, blocking a critical trade route.
At least 150 other vessels needing to pass through the crucial waterway are waiting for the obstruction to clear, authorities said.
After three previous inconclusive elections, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been hoping for a decisive victory.
The child's skin, tendons and even some hair were partially preserved.