Middle East

The decisions could be life-changing for both men. They also demonstrate the unpredictability of the U.S. immigration system.
The government agents had been sentenced to death for an operation that cast a cloud of suspicion over Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Kamel Abdel Rahman managed to recover from the horrific head injury with some sinus problems and a reduction in hearing.
Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani was killed by a sheriff’s deputy during the Dec. 6 rampage at Pensacola Naval Air Station.
Local Israeli media said initial indications were that Du Wei, 57, died in his sleep of natural causes.
Even though President Trump quit the Iran nuclear deal, Washington claims there's still a way it can trigger the return of all U.N. sanctions on Tehran.
New research conducted by the social network Hornet highlighted the wide mental health impacts of the pandemic within the LGBTQ community.
Fifteen other sailors were injured in the incident, Iran's navy said.
Saudi forces killed an activist protesting displacement for a futuristic megacity. The project's board features high-profile Americans who remain silent on the shooting.
The party's platform under presumptive nominee Joe Biden should for the first time oppose Israeli occupation of the West Bank and settlements, 32 former officials say in a message shared with HuffPost.