Middle East

A wave of destructive energy shot across Lebanon’s capital.
More than 130 people died in an explosion in the Lebanese port city.
Israa Seblani said the shockwave from the blast nearly blew her off her feet.
The Beirut explosions ripped through a fragile society already struggling with a financial crisis and the coronavirus pandemic.
The explosion at Beirut's port killed at least 100 people and wounded thousands.
One hundred people were killed and thousands more were injured in the explosion that ripped through the city, leaving swaths of residents homeless.
Video out of Beirut, Lebanon shows explosions sending shockwaves through the Lebanese capital.
Highly explosive material caused at least one of the blasts in the port of Lebanon's capital city, an official said. Many people were still missing early Wednesday.
The popular video game's European tournament circuit has associated itself with the pet project of Saudi Arabia's crown prince.
The lapse in benefits would be devastating not only to the economy but also to those Americans still struggling to pay bills on time, including rent.