Middle East

The 2020 Democratic hopeful has defended dictators while calling for the U.S. to be more aggressive in killing suspected terrorists.
The president also said some U.S. forces would remain in Syria, marking a reversal of his call for withdrawal from the region.
A spokesperson for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Republican representative's comments "delusional."
The Syrian government began deploying on Monday in a major victory for President Bashar al-Assad and his principal ally Russia.
The former defense secretary warned that national security is "tied inextricably to our alliances," following Trump's decision to abandon the Syrian Kurds.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Turkey-backed groups had killed nine civilians, including Hervin Khalaf, secretary general of the Future Syria Party.
Defense Secretary Mark Esper isn’t saying how many U.S. troops will leave the north, but he says they represent most of the 1,000 troops in Syria.
A U.S. military official said the situation across northeastern Syria was "deteriorating rapidly."
Relief agencies have estimated that up to 400,000 civilians in the conflict zone may require aid and protection.
Kurds have come to deeply value their collective memory. The next generation won't forget U.S. support for Turkey's bloody move into Syria.
Turkey’s continued push into Syria comes days after President Donald Trump cleared the way for Turkey’s air and ground offensive.
The Pentagon criticized the latest move by Turkey to launch an offensive against Syrian Kurds who partnered with the U.S. to fight ISIS.
St. Paul's Betty McCollum is radically progressive on U.S. policy toward Israel. Why don’t you ever hear about it?
It was the latest incident in the region amid months of heightened tensions between Tehran and the U.S.
Women have been banned from many sporting events in Iran since 1981, during the early years of the country’s Islamic Revolution.
The exact reason why the tweezers were stuck is unknown.
"Pull my name off the 'I support Donald Trump' list," Shimkus said.
"We’ve crossed a rubicon here [...] that I think is going to haunt us for decades to come," said the Obama-era national security adviser.
The president, on the same day Turkey moved forward on them in Syria, defended his decision to pull support for Kurdish fighters allied with the U.S.
Turkey began its offensive against the Syrian Kurds just 72 hours after the White House announced it would pull troops from the area.