An Animated GIF Introduction To Ariana Grande

Oh hi! Have you met our friend Ariana Grande?

She's pretty adorable.

And she was on this show, "Victorious." It was awesome.

Then it got cancelled. That was super sad.

But then that meant she got to star in her very own spinoff series, "Sam and Cat"! HOORAH!

She's also an amazing singer.

Her first single, "The Way," hit #1 on iTunes this month!

Not to mention, she has over 5 million Twitter followers.

Remember that time she had her boyfriend Jai Brooks put on her makeup for her?

That was pretty badass.

But really, deep down, Ariana's just a big dork like you and me.

Who loves dancing.

And using cool slang.

And saying deep stuff.

And hanging with Ed Sheeran.


And most of all, laughing SO HARD.

So yeah. If you weren't already obsessed with her, you probs should get on that.

Trust us, she's def your teen celeb soulmate you never knew you had.



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