Meghan McCain Regrets Calling Hillary Clinton 'Crooked'

"The View" co-host tells Elle magazine she regrets insulting Donald Trump's 2016 opponent. "She was friends with my dad."

Drinking and political commentary seem like natural bedfellows, but not to Meghan McCain.

Back in 2017, “The View” co-host caused a brief firestorm when she said she hated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and called her “Crooked Hillary” on air ― an insult frequently used by Donald Trump to bash his opponent in the 2016 presidential race.

Now, McCain is blaming a boozy outing for her caustic comments, according to a new profile in Elle magazine.

The night before that episode, McCain said she had drinks with her colleagues and got “tipsy,” in the words of the magazine.

She claimed she was still feeling the effects of the outing the next morning when she said on the show, “I call her Crooked Hillary! I hate Hillary Clinton.”

She told Elle she still regrets the comments.

“I apologized on TV and said that I was contributing to the polarization of this country,” she said, before referencing her father, the late Sen. John McCain. “She was friends with my dad. It’s really not fair.”

These days, she’s focused on another politician: Joe Biden, an old family friend who might be the first Democrat she votes for ― ever.

Though she intends to remain neutral, McCain admits her relationship with the former vice president makes that hard for a variety of reasons.

“Even if I did endorse him, it would hurt him,” she said. “I love Biden in a way that I loved my father.”



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