'Meme Proposal' Is Every Internet Addict's Romantic Fantasy (VIDEO)

WATCH: 'Love Actually' Meets The Internet

When Timothy Tiah, the founder of blogging site Nuffnang, decided he wanted to propose to Audrey Ooi Feng Ling, his long-time blogger girlfriend, he wanted to find a gesture that was as unique as their relationship.

Most girls would probably appreciate something along the lines of the iconic notecard scene from "Love Actually," but Audrey isn't most girls, so Timothy came up with something that's just as sweet as the original, but a little more relevant to their interests.

The result is a meme proposal that easily goes down in the books as the most romantic use of a "Y U NO" macro ever. Seriously. You may not think Philosoraptor says "forever," but in this case it does.

So sit back and get a little misty-eyed to this. We won't tell anyone.

And congrats to Timothy and Audrey!

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