13 Reasons Men Decided To Take Their Wives' Last Names

"My wife has a doctorate and I wanted our kids to have the same name as both of us."

After tying the knot, newlyweds are faced with yet another big decision: should they change or keep their last names?

While many women still go the traditional route by taking their husbands’ surnames, more and more heterosexual couples are exploring alternatives such as taking the woman’s last name instead, hyphenating their names or creating a new last name altogether. Below, 13 men on Whisper ― an anonymous secret-sharing app ― explain why they opted to take their wives’ last names post-marriage.

I took my wife's name because she has kids and it was easier to just change my name than to give the other 3 kids a new name.
I took my wife's name because I didn't want any connection to my dad anymore. It actually felt really freeing to take hers.
My wife has a doctorate and I wanted our kids to have the same name as both of us, so I took hers. It seemed like a major pain to try and change hers and this was easier.
I'm taking my fiancee's name so we can keep her family line alive. She is really happy about it
I hated the way my last name sounded and so I asked if we could take her name
When I get married, I'll either take my wife's name or we'll pick out a new name together. I don't want to keep my last name. I want to start out fresh just her and I as our own little family.
I am a man but I took my wife's last name. Her last name is Champion there is no way we were going with my boring last name, Hamilton!
He took mine because my name was better then his and he loves my last name
Because my Surname is Ramsbottom and I don't want my kids to be bullied like I was, I'd rather be Jones thanks.
I took my wife's last name. Hopefully someday last names will be passed along matriarchal lines.
I did it to disassociate myself from my estranged family. I haven't spoken to them in 4 years
My family disowned me, hers welcomed me with open arms.
I've always got made fun of for my last name so I plan on just taking my wife's last name.

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