Merge With Light
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Part One: Little Ugly Duckling
By Marta Stemberger

i am a little ugly duckling
nobody loves me
everybody abuses me

i am a little ugly duckling
no, I'm less than that
i am less than nothing

nobody wants my love
nobody sees my pain
nobody wants to be with me

i am a little ugly duckling
who will never be a swan
will i ever be happy

has anyone ever loved me
will anyone ever love me
will i always be so alone

will i always stay an unwanted child
whom nobody wants to notice
and everybody tries to avoid

and because I can't live with masks
because I carry an open heart in my hands
you laugh at me, you push me off your paths

you are even afraid of me, weird people,
of me, the unnecessary clown
good, honest, and full of love

i am a little ugly duckling
i am an unwanted child
i am an unnecessary clown

i am nothing
i am not nothing
i am less than nothing

* * * * *

Part Two: Red Pony
By Marta Stemberger

Oh, just let me be
the wild red horse
in the prairie somewhere!


To run, to jump, to prance...
Move to the rhythm of... my heart.
Follow... the feet, the arms, the body,
not just the head.

Follow the heart.
Follow the eyes.
Follow the plane.

There was only me and the silver plane
on the open blue sky above.
I was myself.
I was one with everything.

The two year old girl
in a tiny red jumper,
who knew
where she wanted to go,
what she wanted to become,
grounded on the Earth,
expanded into the Universe.
She was one with everything around her.

And then...
my mother's frightened voice
pulled me back
into this world of ours
where you better do
what others expect of you,
you'll hurt them,
see pain on their faces
whenever you are trying to be...
your weird little self.

Oh, just let me be
the wild red horse
in the prairie somewhere!

* * * * *

Part Three: Merge with Light
By Marta Stemberger

O, merge with Light,
my dear Soul,
wrapped in thy earthly sheath,
but keep your anchor deep
in the soil of thy feet.

O, my highest Self,
be gentle
with my incarnated self.
Guide me with compassion.
May I through my i
bring Light and Love
into the dense world
of particle rapids.

O, may I be free
to be who I truly am.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
What path do you follow to merge with your true potential?

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