Michael Blosil, Osmond Son: Friends Share Memories, Talk Night Of Suicide

Michael Blosil, Osmond Son: Friends Share Memories, Talk Night Of Suicide

Marie Osmond's 18-year-old son Michael Blosil ended his life Friday after jumping to his death from the balcony of his Los Angeles apartment. Michael's roommate and his best friend were with him in the moments just before his death, and they talk about that night and remember their friend in an interview with In Touch Weekly.

In Touch released the following statement:

Just days after the shocking suicide of Marie Osmond's son Michael Blosil, his roommate and best friend are speaking out to In Touch. "I am completely crushed and taken by complete surprise," says his closest confidante, Ruth Ann, to whom Michael had written his last words.

Despite reports that he suffered from severe depression, his loved ones insist that Michael was always in good spirits. "He was so jolly all of the time. He's probably the funniest, happiest guy I've ever met in my life. It's something I would never expect from somebody like him," his roommate, Sean Srnik, says. "Michael was far from friendless. His smile was contagious, and the impact he had on even casual acquaintances was beyond description. We will all miss him very much," a grieving Ruth Ann echoes.

Sean, Michael's classmate at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA, adds that nothing seemed unusual the night the 18-year-old leapt to his death from their apartment balcony on February 26. "He walked in the door, and I was hiding behind the refrigerator. I popped out, and I was like 'Hey Mike!' and I gave him a hug. That's just how we are -- we joke around. Everything seemed fine, everything was just going as our daily lives go," he says.

According to Sean, Michael received a phone call at around 9:15 p.m. and left the room -- then the seemingly normal night spiraled out of control. "Ruth Ann ran in and asked, 'Where's Michael?'. We knew something was wrong. She grabbed the note and as soon as she started reading it, she started hysterically crying. I read the first three sentences of the note, and I realized exactly what was going on. While I was reading, she went to the balcony because she heard sirens. She looked down, and that's when she saw Michael," he hauntingly recalls, adding that Michael described his "last shower, last cigarette" and his and Ruth Ann's friendship in his handwritten letter, which he had placed on his bed for her.

Michael was pronounced dead after his 15-story jump immediately upon the fire department's arrival to the scene. Despite his grisly demise, Sean will remember Michael as a great friend. "He loved us all, and we all loved him," he concludes. Michael, who friends say was close with his superstar mother, Marie, will surely not soon be forgotten.

For more on Michael's tragic death, check out this week's issue of In Touch, on newsstands Friday.

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