Elise Jordan Calls Out Geraldo Rivera For Past Michael Hastings Remark

Four years after Geraldo Rivera compared now-deceased reporter Michael Hastings to al Qaeda, Elise Jordan is calling out the Fox host.

Jordan, a journalist and Hastings' widow, playfully jabbed Rivera on Fox News' "Hannity" over his comments from 2010.

During a conversation about the media's coverage of Iraq, Jordan agreed with Rivera "hyperbole does not help the public's understanding. We can't have a serious discussion about the news at hand." She then jokingly shot at Rivera, "kind of like when you compared my husband to al Qaeda militants." Jordan went on to tell Rivera her late husband "was flattered that you found him to be as powerful as the worst terrorism organization in the world."

This isn't the first time Jordan has traded barbs with Rivera. After the "Geraldo at Large" host sent a tweet commenting on Hastings' death that many saw as insensitive, Jordan replied "you are a sick bastard."

Hastings died in a car crash in 2013 at the age of 33. He gained notoriety as a dogged journalist, working for Rolling Stone and later BuzzFeed. Hastings also authored several books on American warfare, including "The Operators," "I Lost My Love In Baghdad" and "The Last Magazine," which was posthumously released.