Michael Jordan's Latest Meme Might Be Better Than 'Crying Jordan'

The NBA legend is prominently featured in the Chicago Bulls docuseries "The Last Dance," and his face in a recent episode has prompted all the Twitter jokes.

Michael Jordan has, yet again, given the world a gift in the form of a new meme.

The NBA star has been prominently featured in the sports documentary miniseries currently airing on Netflix and ESPN called “The Last Dance,” which chronicles the Chicago Bulls of the 1997-98 era.

The 1997-98 season saw Jordan receiving his fifth and final NBA Most Valuable Player Award, going on to play in the All-Star Game that year and winning his third and final All-Star Game MVP Award before announcing his second retirement.

In an episode of the series released on Sunday night, Jordan is seen talking to producers about fellow NBA player Isaiah Thomas and the Detroit Pistons. Jordan addressed his longstanding rivalry with the team, and his distaste with them walking off the court without shaking the Bulls’ hands after the latter won the 1991 Eastern Conference finals.

When the producers play Jordan a video of Thomas defending the walk-off, Jordan’s reaction was priceless ... and perfect meme fodder.

You can watch the conversation below:

The resulting memes rival that of Crying Jordan, the infamous face made by the basketball legend in 2009 when he was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame and gave an emotional, tear-inducing speech.

You can be the judge of which meme is better. Here’s what Twitter did with the Jordan-Thomas face: