Michele Bachmann Taunts Obama: 'I Took Karate When I Was 17 Years Old, I Am Dangerous'

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said that she could take out President Obama if she were ever caught in the mind-boggling and improbable scenario of engaging the nation's leader in a physical fight.

Bachmann touted her toughness in an interview Thursday with Ben Shapiro of BigGovernment.com:

SHAPIRO: I want to ask you, speaking of his violent language, and he's been brutal on BP, talking about putting his boot on the throat of BP, talking about how he wants to go down there and kick someone's ass -- frankly, Michele, I think you could take President Obama, off the record.

BACHMANN: Hey, I took karate when I was 17 years old, I am dangerous.

The Minnesota congresswoman also fired-up her criticism of Obama when she agreed with the interviewer that he's -- "no question" -- the worst president in United States history:

SHAPIRO: Is President Obama better or worse than Jimmy Carter?

BACHMANN: Worse. Easily worse.

SHAPIRO: I agree. So far, you'd have to say he's the worst president in United States history ...

BACHMANN: No question. No question.

According to the conservative icon, the country is with her on her judgement of the president's job performance.

"The only thing is people wish Barack Obama was up for re-election right now, because they'd honestly love to have a chance to throw him out of office," Bachmann said. "Everywhere I go, people ask me, "Michele, can we impeach the president? They want a referendum on him."

Bachmann's harsh criticism of Obama will come as no surprise given the Tea Party favorite's past references to the president as "very anti-American" and her accusation that his administration runs a"gangster government."