Michiko Kakutani's Best Books Of 2012

IMAGES: NYT Critic Kakutani Names Top Books Of 2012

Michiko Kakutani is the New York Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning book critic, and she has just named her top 10 books of 2012.

It's a pretty conventional list. There are nine men (the only woman is Ayana Mathis, whose debut was recently named an Oprah's Book Club pick), three were nominated for National Book Awards, and many names - Chabon, Sacks, Caro, Eggers, and a book about David Foster Wallace - are literary stalwarts. Perhaps the only surprise is the inclusion of Alan Sepinwall's book of TV criticism, not so much for the subject matter but because the book was self published.

Michiko Kakutani’s 10 Favorite Books of 2012

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