Miley Cyrus' New Hair Is A Gwen Stefani Ripoff (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Miley's New Hair Is A Gwen Stefani Ripoff

Miley Cyrus has more hair changes than Taylor Swift has boyfriends, so it's hard to keep up. Her latest? A spiky double-bun hairdo with shaved sides and two mini top knots.

Or, as we like to call it, The Gwen Stefani.

Check out a photo of Miley's new hair, courtesy of

miley cyrus gwen stefani hair

Now check out Gwen Stefani circa 1997:

miley cyrus gwen stefani

Right?? Before, we thought Jaime Pressly was Miley's grown-up hair twin. Now we've totally changed our minds... and can't get "Just A Girl" out of our heads.

Click over to to see more photos of Miley's latest follicle fix. What's next: Princess Leia buns?

Do you miss Miley's long hair?

Miley Cyrus

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