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Mindfulness Anonymous: The 10-Step Process

The following 10 steps are designed to help you experience glimpses of Awareness. We need them! Here and there these moments add up. And as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts your mind, body and soul will begin to express the splendor of your unlimited power and beauty.
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An Indian meditating at sunset
An Indian meditating at sunset

Fact: our mind is not programmed to automatically contemplate the present moment, the stillness of the body, or the silence that fills the gap between every thought. Our mind is accustomed to constantly navigate through the depths of our psyche -- exploring, surviving. Hence our mind rarely sits in stillness -- so we go on missing our very own creations, we go on missing the point, and we miss ourselves!

The following 10 steps are designed to help you experience glimpses of Awareness. We need them! Here and there these moments add up. And as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts your mind, body and soul will begin to express the splendor of your unlimited power and beauty.

Step one: Understand that the mind functions mostly based on past experiences. This pattern causes the construction of a present-reality built from past habits and gathered knowledge. With lack of awareness our past becomes our present and future. And our experiences are filled with biased judgments and unnecessary pain. So watch carefully, why do you choose to act this way? How does that make you feel? What future are you creating? What present are you avoiding? What past are you trying to heal or run away from? Is it all real? Then simply, gently, just do your best...

Step two: Be in a state of openness, be the watcher in a state of acceptance. In the presence of a flower simply surrender and watch the flower. Don't describe it or label it; just allow the flower to be. Let it touch you with its beauty; let it share its love. Do the same with others -- be with them in anger, in sadness, in joy. Be a witness, don't judge, don't react, be in compassion. Help lift others up!

Step three: Engage in awareness exercises. For example, while walking feel your feet pressing against the ground. Feel every muscle and every tendon - feel them flexing. Feel your breathing, your body. Let the experience cradle you; feel the fullness of every movement. Then learn this first lesson: if you can study and understand your mind - you are not the mind.

Step four: Love. Love encompasses all creation. Love is patience. Love is non-judgment. Love understands and listens. Love is powerful. Love is not fear. Love heals and conquers all!

Step five: There is no dichotomy. We are the creators of the world we want to see and experience! Existence sits in a state free from labels, categories and limitations. It is our mind that categorizes "good" or "bad"; "pretty" or "ugly"; "fat" or "thin"; "tall" or "short". On the same token, we are limited by what others think and expect of us. The world is there because of you - the mind may be illusory, but it is creative -- it creates dreams. And it is up to you to choose the dichotomy and create "hell" or "heaven".

Step six: What can I learn from this experience? Claim yourself as the only watcher in your life. Be a watcher in your aloneness, be a watcher in the company of others. Examine your behavior, listen to the words you are speaking; be conscious of the thoughts you are thinking -- then with great alertness -- learn. Take these observations, write them down and learn how to be the most mindful leader in your organization, in your community, in the world! Then share with others the lessons learned and guide them to be the watchers in their life, they will thank you.

Step seven: Time is simply the human mind seeking to divide and classify our experiences. I question -- can you give me a piece of time? Can you take a picture of time and share it on Instagram? No! The only reality is eternity -- this moment right now. So jump as high as you can. Stretch your mind and your heart to the furthest corner of the earth -- extend it to others, they need you! Be the king of this jungle. There is no time -- there is only eternity - there is only NOW!

Step eight: Drop all knowledge! Yes, drop it! Be bold and act from the heart! As a leader, when joining a meeting be bold and ask - what can I offer you today to ensure your experience at this corporation is your best experience? Just drop all knowledge and fully embrace every action taken; you will see your world transform. You don't need knowledge to act - just desire and passion.

Step nine: Everything is temporary. By the law of nature all beings are birthed and at some point cease to exist. The same law applies to experiences, emotions, jobs, belongings, and relationships. To believe deeply that our lives are filled with perpetual bliss or perpetual pain is to affirm that permanence overrides nature. Seneca explored his attachment to the 'temporary' by writing a list of his possessions and then pretending to lose each item. Through this simple exercise Seneca explored his sense of loss and identification with the external. This practice ultimately ceased much of his suffering.

Step ten: You are a manifestation of something greater, something divine. Take this moment to breathe in the sweetness and the beauty of our world, of our oceans, our skies, our jungles. Take a second to acknowledge your magnificence. Do you consciously command your body to pump blood, contract the lungs, blink the eyes, or digest food -- no! The same beauty applies to our brain -- with our brain we can travel back and forth in time; we can use our imagination to create big dreams and map out steps to make those dreams a reality. We have the ability to create any reality we desire. We are by far, hands down the most significant, elegant and powerful component of our mother Earth! Embrace it and share it.