Feminist Embroidery That Says Everything You Want To Say To Misogynists... With Thread

Feminist Embroidery That Says Everything You Want To Say To Misogynists... With Thread

What do you get when you combine potent Feminist mantras with the delicate craft of embroidery? Something along the lines of Mo Morgan's genius series of stitched masterpieces. Behold: Feminist embroidery that says everything you want to say to misogynists... with thread.


Morgan blends familiar imagery we tend to associate with wooden hoops -- floral borders, cursive script and bubblegum colors -- with the unforgiving language of intersectional feminists. "Gender was never binary," Morgan's simple artworks proclaim. "Not your sexuality? Not your business."

"I wanted to create something pretty but was bogged down with a lot of personal negativity. Hoop embroidery was and is an excellent outlet for fulfilling my need to make pretty little things, while also releasing my frustrations and anxiety," Morgan explained in an email to HuffPost. "I think the best part, though, is that my pretty little disgusted sighs are enjoyed and shared with others online. It's nice knowing that others can relate, like unity through pain."

And here's where her fierce intersectional attitude comes in:

"I think it's crucial to also acknowledge that different people experience different types of negative attacks and that those experiences should not be lessened or negated in any way simply because not everyone experiences them. We need to respect these differences rather than pointing out that they're 'not normal' or 'wrong,' because that mindset is hurtful towards others -- especially when these differences make up one's identity. So long as we all feel pain -- be it due to a shitty day at work or a shitty day at work due to systematic oppression -- we are all humans and deserve to be treated as such. But, then again, these are just my feelings. More grumpy, frustrated feelings to get off my chest and decorate with little flowers."

Turning traditional craft practice on its head, Morgan transforms needlework into an overt vehicle for feminist thought. We're all for reexamining "women's" crafts in order to shed light on the exclusionary practices of the art world (hell, the world), so you can imagine our response to Morgan's hand-crafted tumblr. We're in love, and we don't care who knows it.

Go ahead, let your admiration for Morgan's blessed work wash over your computer screen.

For more on the intersection of craft and feminism, check out "Workt by Hand: Hidden Labor and Historical Quilts."

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