Mom Captures The Reality Of Having 6 Kids In Hilarious Pregnancy Announcement

Josie Wood said she wanted to do something "a little humorous" to share the news.
07/27/2017 11:28am ET | Updated August 2, 2017

When Josie Wood found out she was pregnant with her sixth child, she decided to share the news in a creative way.

The California mom, who is due in March 2018, got all of her children to pose (or in the case of the youngest, act totally natural) for a funny photo collage. The accompanying text says it all: “Shut The Front Door!!! There’s gonna be 1 more!”

Josie Wood
Josie Wood decided to have fun with the pregnancy announcement for her sixth child.

“I knew with this being our last child that I needed to come up with something amazing and a little humorous!” Wood told HuffPost. “My sister and I are super close so she kept texting me announcement ideas she was finding online. This was one of them.”

Wood and her husband already have five children, ages 7, 6, 5, 3, and 16 months. Wood said she’s done a few different creative pregnancy announcements over the years.

Josie Wood
The California mom likes making creative pregnancy announcements. 
Josie Wood
The kids like getting involved as well. 

“For our fourth child, I had my husband lay on the floor and hold the pregnancy test to look as though he had fainted,” she recalled. “With our fifth, I wrote numbers on our kids’ bellies and wrote five on mine!”

Wood mostly hopes her pregnancy announcement brings joy to those who see it.

Courtesy of Josie Wood
Wood says the sixth child will likely be their last. 
Courtesy of Josie Wood
She said she would have more kids if her husband wanted to though. 

“I really hope I am spreading laughter and smiles!” she said.

As for her plans to keep growing the family, the mom noted, “I would have more, but my husband says this is our last! Haha!”

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