"Weird pregnancy craving of the day: Chinese food and mashed potatoes. At the same time."
Rolling back Roe v. Wade will take a real economic toll on families. I had an “easy” pregnancy and childbirth, and still paid $2,000 out of pocket.
With Roe on the precipice of falling, there's been an intense focus on the most extreme abortion care outcomes. But experts caution it may undermine a push for abortion as a fundamental right.
"The pink electric dildo measures perineum strength with a video game. But while the French way may sound a little funny, it’s actually quite serious."
Target stretch marks, hydrate your skin and have a little "you" time with these hydrating sheet masks.
"With cancer, disease or dysfunction, there is no government intervention or regulation restricting care. ... No one claims cancer cells have a right to thrive."
“It was really offensive to hear that, because I actually lived through it all,” Marianna Vyshemirsky told the BBC.
“It was raw, sharing our experience,” the musician told The Guardian in a new interview.
Kelly Hughes is the first model in the magazine issue's 58-year history to pose showing her cesarean section scar.