"Where was Marty? Right by my side. He was the ball of fur nestled in my duvet. The damp nose sniffing my tear-soaked face."
"The women on the app understood my grief and bewilderment better than my own very supportive partner, because they’d been through it or something like it."
The Princess of Wales recently wore a recycled coat that she'd last donned while pregnant with Prince Louis.
When a couple experiences a pregnancy loss, the feelings of the non-pregnant partner often go overlooked.
Overall, working out while pregnant can help you have a healthier experience. It's time to stop believing this outdated advice.
The couple announced the birth of their second daughter in May 2022.
Black midwives are uniquely positioned to see what has gone wrong in maternity care and how we can attempt to make it right.
If a fetus is a person, the unborn child's lawyer argues, Florida has locked one up without due process.
"My husband continued to feel unwell. He was booked in for a scan as a precaution. We weren’t too worried."
“I never thought I was going to have kids," said the 48-year-old rapper, who is expecting a baby with wife Jesseca Harris-Dupart.