The comedian has two daughters with her husband, Justin Hakuta.
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"Much better in a way to flaunt it, so go for it." the Vogue editor-in-chief said, praising the Duchess of Sussex's maternity fashion.
House Bill 896 aims to criminalize all abortions and defines the procedure as homicide, which is punishable by death in Texas.
"I’m pretty sure this is not going to stick," she told the "Today" show of her pregnancy.
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“This ruling affirms that right and send a clear message to politicians that women deserve our care, not our judgment,” a Planned Parenthood executive said.
I was given just seven short days to make the biggest and most difficult decision of my life.
As female incarceration skyrockets, knowing what happens to pregnant women behind bars is more critical than ever.
“I just want to feel like myself again,” the singer wrote.
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The judge's ruling came hours after the controversial bill was signed into law by Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.