It would be the first child for the Oscar-winning star of "La La Land."
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Leading OB-GYNs recommend the coronavirus vaccine for moms-to-be, even though they haven’t been part of clinical trials.
"I was my own worst cop, Chief Prosecutor, judge and jury, sentencing myself to a life of wondering what I should have done differently."
An alarming new study shows that suicidality cuts across race, ethnicity, class, educational attainment and geography.
"Good morning baby," the supermodel wrote of her pregnancy with her first child.
Teigen posted a video of her “incredibly empathetic” daughter, Luna, honoring her late baby brother.
The morning I walked into my obstetrician’s office to confirm my pregnancy, my bank account was overdrawn by more than $900.
"Jack worked so hard to be a part of our little family, and he will be, forever."
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