Period apps carry sensitive information that can be used against you by police. And there are other digital risks, too.
"Our choice was, and remains, controversial. But it shouldn’t be."
"Was it really worth jeopardizing my well-being just to have a genetic link to my non-guaranteed future child? I decided that I would try," the author writes.
"Weird pregnancy craving of the day: Chinese food and mashed potatoes. At the same time."
Rolling back Roe v. Wade will take a real economic toll on families. I had an “easy” pregnancy and childbirth, and still paid $2,000 out of pocket.
With Roe on the precipice of falling, there's been an intense focus on the most extreme abortion care outcomes. But experts caution it may undermine a push for abortion as a fundamental right.
"The pink electric dildo measures perineum strength with a video game. But while the French way may sound a little funny, it’s actually quite serious."
Target stretch marks, hydrate your skin and have a little "you" time with these hydrating sheet masks.
"With cancer, disease or dysfunction, there is no government intervention or regulation restricting care. ... No one claims cancer cells have a right to thrive."