"In the eye of a pandemic, when there’s never been a worse time to leave home, let alone to need medical care, a dangerous thought has been burrowing in my brain."
At 37 weeks pregnant, she's found a new hospital and place to live.
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The actor shared a message on Instagram after the NewYork-Presbyterian health care system announced it will no longer allow visitors for women admitted in labor.
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Almost 40% of abortions take place in the privacy of one's home. Why must pregnant women go to the clinic at all?
"I try to force the vision out of my head of laboring alone in a hospital room where visitors aren’t allowed, hoping a doctor is freed up in time to help me to deliver."
"I couldn’t shake the feeling that the way I was treated, in a top-ranked hospital, still wasn’t right. ... It was the delivery itself that felt truly traumatizing."
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"I fear I lost my sister to this idea that women’s lives are incomplete until they’ve been through childbirth."
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