Mom Defends Decision To Dye Toddler's Hair Pink

"Some people were appalled, and some absolutely loved it."

Charity Grace LeBlanc’s 2-year-old daughter, Felicity, is a bundle of joy and energy.

“She is so lovable, the ultimate cuddle bug, belly-laughs at anything goofy her big brother does, and is obsessed with pink, glitter and unicorns,” LeBlanc told HuffPost. So, it seemed only natural to the mom and social media star that she give her daughter the chance to experience having vibrant pink hair.

“She loves to play dress-up with me and we spend time together being creative and letting our imaginations run wild, so it only made sense to try out some pink hair!” LeBlanc told HuffPost.

The mom dyed Felicity’s hair temporarily pink and filmed the process for a YouTube and Instagram video. In the Instagram caption, she asked, “Would you let your daughter do this!?”

“This is so irresponsible of you,” wrote one commenter. “Of course she’s going to want it. She’s a kid! She doesn’t know what she wants! And you, the parent, should know better! She’s going to be bald by the age of 20.”

“Personally I wouldn’t do this to my child’s hair but I don’t see anything wrong with it,” added another.

“I think it’s awesome that you are teaching your daughter young that she can look like/be what ever she wants,” said yet another. “I actually think it’s pretty inspiring!”

As for Felicity, “she loved it!” the mom said. “I would catch her looking in the mirror, touching it and giggling to herself. She’s already asking to do it again.”

LeBlanc told HuffPost she wasn’t surprised that opinions were mixed, but was overwhelmed by all the attention. The Instagram video has been watched over 1.3 million times.

“I think people just like to talk about something that is different from the norm. It creates discussion, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some people were appalled, and some absolutely loved it. The most important thing is that it’s safe, and I love her immensely ... anyone who thinks otherwise just doesn’t know the facts.”

Indeed, LeBlanc explained that she did a lot of research before she even proposed coloring Felicity’s hair, and no bleach was involved. “The dye I used is equivalent of a vegetable dye mixed with conditioner. Harmless and washed out in just three days. Totally worth the the three days of pink blissful toddler happiness.”

Ultimately, the mom hopes her video inspires others. “I hope people just learn to stand up for what they believe in and be themselves no matter what,” she told HuffPost.

“That’s what I want to teach my daughter,” she added. “I hope she always expresses herself creatively and loves who she is ... pink hair, blue hair, or whatever hair she has.”