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Mom Of Twins Shares Honest Reaction To Pre-Pregnancy Throwback Photo

"God I can’t believe I thought I was fat."

Constance Hall is not afraid to get real about postpartum body image and her personal evolution.

The Australian blogger and mom has four children, including toddler twins. On Sunday, Hall posted a photo of herself taken before she had her twins on Facebook.

“First thought, ‘the twins owe me big time!’ Second thought, ‘god I can’t believe I thought I was fat, I was gorgeous’!” she wrote in the caption.

“Third thought, ‘what am I thinking, I’m still bloody gorgeous, there’s just slightly more gorgeousness to love and more people to love it now,’” she added.

Hall’s post received more than 17,000 likes, and many fellow moms shared their postpartum body experiences in the comments.

Echoing Hall’s positive message, one wrote, “A fellow tiger that’s earned her stripes.” Another commenter noted, “We are forever gorgeous!”

Here’s to embracing your stripes!