Most Anticipated Books of Spring 2011

Here's another great selection of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction for Spring of 2011.

There are several important books on the current morass in Afghanistan-Pakistan, above all veteran analyst Anatol Lieven on Pakistan, drawing on long first-hand knowledge of the region to present better policy options based on understanding of facts and history.A timely book addressing the exploitation of the nation's younger workforce under the guise of the "internship model," and yet another urgent call to bring our energy policy in line with reality. Short story collections from two British masters, and one great Irish writer. A book exploring whether Marx remains relevant. The borders of inequality, and why attention to illegal immigration is a diversion. An expose of the madness industry by the British author who wrote the most perceptive analysis of extremists a decade ago. And more!

The Most Anticipated Books for the Second Quarter of 2011