Most Reliable Cars That Rarely Need A Mechanic

A vehicle is an investment with benefits that can last for many years. The last thing anybody wants is to spend their hard earned money on a vehicle that is going to require constant upkeep and maintenance just to remain roadworthy. Keep your wheels on the road and out of the garage with one of the six most reliable cars currently on the market.

Most Reliable SUV: 2016 Toyota Highlander
When it comes to reliability, Toyota is consistently one of the best rated manufacturers. The 2016 highlander takes the build quality Toyota is known for and combines it with a spacious interior, comfortable ride, large seating capacity, and impressive fuel economy. It's functional interior design lets you ride in comfort whether you're packing eight of your friends in for a road trip, or hauling a load of construction material for the home renovation project you've been meaning to take on. The latest highlander is based off the well-reviewed platform of last year's model, but adds a few key upgrades such as standard towing package and eye-catching design tweaks.

Most Reliable Luxury Car: 2016 Porsche Cayman
Many years ago, a Porsche would have been out of reach of most consumers. Today, the company has made it clear just how far your dollar can go. A virtually indestructible engine isn't the only thing you get with the Porsche Cayman. The car also features immaculate, refined design both inside and out. The flat 6 engine is one of the most powerful in its class. Combined with its responsive handling and slick-shifting transmission, Porsche offers you a driving experience rarely found in any other consumer vehicle.

Most Reliable Sports Car: 2016 BMW M4
If power is what you crave, then the BMW M4 will deliver. The twin turbo six-cylinder engine will launch you into six digit speeds thanks to its generous rev limit. Exterior styling gives you the aggressive look you've come to expect from BMW, with just a hint of refined elegance. All this performance is made possible by bulletproof German engineering that will keep you running strong for many years to come.

Most Reliable Compact Car: 2016 Ford Fiesta
Reliability doesn't have to come at a huge financial cost. Ford has proven themselves to be the masters of economy with the 2016 Ford Fiesta. The car is cheap on gas, cheap to maintain, and cheap to buy. But "cheap" isn't a fair description of the car. In both design and performance, the latest Fiesta feels like a vehicle that would normally cost twice the price. If efficiency is your primary concern, very few vehicles give you the value of Ford's latest compact.

Most Reliable Hybrid car: 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid
As one of the top rated vehicles for safety, the Ford Fusion Hybrid doesn't make any sacrifices. The roomy, comfortable interior lets you enjoy the ride without the awkward ergonomics of a compact. It's hybrid engine is great for the environment, and will keep both your gas tank and your wallet full to the top. Many hybrids sacrifice power for fuel economy, but Ford has managed to develop a platform that will deliver the same power as a standard vehicle with the incredible fuel economy of a hybrid.

Most Reliable Midsize Car: 2016 Honda Accord
Honda has built a name for itself as one of the most reliable car manufacturers over the last 30 years. Taking the 2016 Honda Accord for a test drive will remind you why. With this year's latest model, Honda has added a couple key ingredients to its award winning recipe. Suspension changes have sharpened the handling to be almost as responsive as sports cars, and the four-cylinder CVT engine has a surprising amount of punch to it. If you're a mobile user, the cars audio system has been updated to include both Android auto and Apple play so your favorite music will be accessible at the touch of a button.

The Choice is Easy
There was a time when consumers would have to choose between affordability and reliability. Today, many manufacturers are offering high quality products at rock bottom prices. Before you sign up for years of payments, take the time to do your research and find a vehicle that is going to check all of your boxes.