The president announced Wednesday that he's revoking the state's legal authority to set its own auto emissions standards.
The state's waiver allows it to set its own rules about auto emissions.
The car broke through the 300-mph barrier during a test run last month.
Credit unions offer some of the lowest auto loan rates.
"If you are in the market for a car, you’re going to have to delay your purchase or you’re going to have to go to used."
Summer holiday weekends offer great deals, but not the best ones of the year.
A quick-thinking girl hid behind a pickup in order to evade a stranger following her in a car.
The singer picked a fight over the YouTube star's rainbow-colored car.
This is the first of potentially many vehicles that will be cut from the American market due to president's tariffs, warns industry expert.
The car is made of over 1 million pieces and goes about 18 miles per hour.
If we want to solve climate change, there's no other option.
Even Cadillac and Volvo are jumping on the trend ― for a hefty monthly fee.
The investigation could lead to new U.S. tariffs similar to those imposed on imported steel and aluminum in March.
Airbnb for cars could change the way we get around, but traditional rental car companies want to put the brakes on these industry start-ups.
A Tesla driver died at a nearby hospital shortly afterward.
A self-driving car that was being tested by Uber was involved in the death of pedestrian in Arizona.
"It's horrible the way they treat us," the angry president said of Japan.