Moms Demand Reparations In Hilarious Spoof PSA (VIDEO)

All those Mother's Day commercials for jewelry, spa treatments and perfume?

One ad agency called Mother New York says screw that. It came up with a salty public service message, above, demanding money for those who have given birth. It's all in fun.

"We wanted to do something that was funny and twisted but also has a sincere message behind it," said Richard Langhorne, one of the creatives on the project.

In a video ad sponsored by the so-called American Coalition of Labor Reparations, moms recount the wretchedness of their miracle moment as Adweek reported. One recalls punching her midwife in the neck.

That's among the tamer memories. "There's an 80 percent chance I'll never have sex again," another mother says.

"Labor is called labor for a reason," says a "spokesman" for the American Coalition of Labor Reparations.

The commercial steers viewers to the coalition's website to calculate how much they owe their moms.

The agency does an annual spoof for Mother's Day. While attention is always welcomed, the firm said it really just wanted to celebrate Mom.

A few other advertisers took their shot at Mother's Day with mixed results.

Giving Mom a bottle of Mr. Clean might not be the way to her heart, but using the stuff yourself (talking to you, dads) definitely is. The cleanser touts its "Man Maid" contract in the ad, below, for Mother's Day, also featured by Adweek.

As a bald guy with an earring who's dressed as Mr. Clean for many a Halloween, I can get behind this. Be sure to flex while you wipe the counter, gents.

Meanwhile, Amazon gets the Mother's Day double-take award for its page devoted to Mother's Day Gift Ideas In Vacuum and Floor Care. A vacuum? That's an express ticket to sleeping on the couch. Forever.