'Mother Of The Bride' Dresses: How Young Are The Models?

Why Do These Mothers Of The Bride Look So Young?

This week a reader sent us her recent observation while looking at mother of the bride dresses. You know, the ones that need to be equal parts glamorous, sexy and respectable -- playful without being girlish, traditional without being stuffy, all for the intended effect of making the wearer look like the second most captivating women in the room. Unfortunately, she didn't have time to obsess over fashion because her attention was perpetually drawn to the youthful models wearing the dresses.

I've noticed that these models look WAY too young to have a daughter or son getting married, and that there are plenty of women in their 40s and up (including professional models) who are GORGEOUS! I don't know why they're not used.

We checked out David's Bridal and Nordstrom to see these models for ourselves, and we're proud to say we couldn't agree more with our readers.

We get that being an actual mother shouldn't be a requirement for wearing a mother of the bride dress in a photograph, but given the implication of the name, shouldn't at least looking like you're old enough to have a driver's license be one? Are we nuts or do some of these girls look too young to be the bride, let alone the mother of the bride?

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