Convenient, Affordable Tech Gifts That Will Make Your Mom’s Life So Much Easier

These practical gadgets might be their favorite gift yet.
Frameo smart frame, Apple AirPods and indoor garden.

For years your mother cherished your macaroni necklaces and expressive finger paintings. Now it’s time to get her a useful, modern present ... one that doesn’t require Elmer’s glue or dropping a ton of money. To help you celebrate all the mamas and mother-figures in your life, we rounded up our favorite convenient tech gifts for Mother’s Day all under $100.

From personal blenders to lightweight e-readers, these are highly rated gifts that will make a mom’s life a little easier, without breaking the bank. They’re universal enough that they’re perfect for mother-in-laws or moms you’re not super close to, but still thoughtful enough to make any recipient feel special.

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A Tile Bluetooth keychain
This helpful Tile keychain has a sensor that connects with your phone, so you can track the location of whatever it’s attached to. If your mom is always losing her keys or never remembers where she put down her bag, she'll be happy to have this small tool.
A red light therapy mask
What's better than a single trip to the spa? An at-home red light therapy mask your mom can use every day. This highly rated option is much more affordable than others and is rechargeable so the wearer doesn't have to stay near an outlet. Reviewers call it a "must-buy" and a "very good purchase."
A helpful phone holder with a Bluetooth speaker
Whether your mom loves to FaceTime your kids or follow along with recipes on YouTube, this handy stand will prop up her phone and amplify the sound. Give the gift of hands-free fun and boosted volume and enjoy video chatting from afar.
An Amazon Echo with Alexa
Help your mom set timers and reminders, check the weather and catch up on today's news with this helpful Amazon Echo. It works as a speaker for music or podcasts and also has Amazon's Alexa that's ready literally at your beck and call.
A lightweight Kindle
It's never too late to swap to an e-reader. With 16 BG of storage and an extended battery that can last up to six weeks, this lightweight Kindle means business. Instead of wondering what book to get your mom, give her endless options with this glare-free gadget. She'll love the paper-like display and her eyes will appreciate the adjustable front light, with different modes for reading in the day or night.
An iPhone charging dock
Clean up your mom's nightstand and ensure she's always powered up with this chic, minimalist charging dock. It has a spot for her phone, Apple Watch and AirPods to nix that pile of wires she hates looking at.
A rechargeable 7-inch lighter
If your mom loves candles, you may be grabbing some of her favorite scents this Mother's Day. Yet, this aromatic gift is not complete without this ingenious 7-inch rechargeable lighter. It lets you reach into well-burned candles without hurting yourself or getting ash on your hands and can easily recharge, so you never need to worry about finding a gas station lighter.
A compact, dual shot espresso machine
You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a highly rated espresso machine. Measuring 5.5 inches wide and 11.9 inches high, this little baby will fit in even the smallest kitchens, letting your favorite mom enjoy a piping hot drink without stopping at Starbucks.
A small rechargeable fan and power bank
When we say hot mama, we really mean it. If your beloved mother runs warm, she'll be overjoyed to keep this portable, rechargeable fan in her bag. It's a little bigger than a tube of lipstick or mascara and works as a power bank if her phone is running low.
A hydroponic indoor garden
While we can't control the weather, we can ensure your mother has a fighting chance at growing some top-notch produce with this hydroponic indoor garden. She can grow up to six veggies and herbs at a time, each up to a foot tall, and the LED light system works year round.
A portable charger that can jump a car
You thought you'd seen it all until you gazed upon this portable laptop charger that can also jump-start your car or riding lawn mower. With two USB ports, an AC port and a port for a CR jumping cable, this power bank with an LED floodlight is an all-in-one tool your road tripping mama will be happy to have.
A self-heating Thermacup
On a weekday morning, your favorite mom may be too busy getting everything together to still enjoy her java while it's hot. Called a "game changer" by many reviewers, this self-heating mug ensures your drink stays warm for hours. Unlike other heated mugs, this one doesn't use an app, so your mom can control the temperature right on the electric coaster.
A Frameo digital photo frame
Bring those piles of picture books into this century with this fun, touch-screen digital photo frame. It works with Frameo app, so you can add new pictures from afar, and write sweet captions with your favorite moments.
A self-cleaning ice machine
Two words: ice machine. If your mama loves a cold drink or likes to munch on crunchy ice, this little bullet ice machine will be her new best friend. Its 2-liter tank makes two different sizes of bullet ice (one small and one big) and the removable 2.6-pound basket makes transporting your ice extra easy.
Apple AirPods 2nd Generation
I got my mom AirPods for Mother's Day last year, and I stand behind it. Even if she's not super techy, Apple AirPods are really user-friendly, as they automatically connect to Apple devices. She uses them on runs, but you can also use them on your MacBook or iPad when FaceTiming or doing work calls. Best of all, these use the same lighting charger as most iPhones, so that’s one less wire to get tangled in a big knot of plugs.
A single-serve NutriBullet
For smoothies, milkshakes or a frosty margarita, this 32-ounce NutriBullet is the way to go. No more lugging out a giant blender just to make a drink for one. Save your mom the trouble and help her eat some extra veggies with this easy-to-use, push-down blender. It even comes with a drinking top, so you can save a clean glass and drink right out of the cup.
An Instant brand milk frother
Listen, those fun mini handheld frothers have their place, but if your mom is serious about her lattes and cappuccinos, you're going to want to spring for a standing frother. This baby makes luscious foam or warm milk in seconds ensuring the perfect cafe experience at home.
A motion detection camera
Pet moms are moms, too. Check on your furry friends when you're at work or out of town with this budget-friendly motion-detection camera. It connects with Alexa or your home Echo and has full 360-degree rotation to ensure you never miss a beat.

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