Muslim Leaders Denounce Terrorism on YouTube

I am honored to share with you a YouTube video prepared by some of the most respected Muslim scholars denouncing terrorism and extremism as a violation of true Islam:

The mainstream media, as usual, is ignoring this powerful and emotionally moving video by some of Islam's most prominent voices.

I have written before on the Huffington Post how the media has perpetuated the outrageous lie that Muslims sit silently as evil is done in the name of our beloved faith.

But by the grace of God, human communication has evolved past the control of a few media conglomerates who can manipulate information to further their own agendas.

I hope that you will forward this remarkable video to everyone you know.


Kamran Pasha is a Hollywood filmmaker and the author of Shadow of the Swords, a novel on Crusades (Simon & Schuster; June 2010). For more information please visit: