'MythBusters' Tests 'Throwing Like A Girl' Stereotype (VIDEO)

'MythBusters' Tests 'Throwing Like A Girl'

On "Mythbusters," the guys took a look at some classic gender cliches to see if they were true. They examined the stereotype that men never ask for directions, that women are better multi-taskers, and that men are better at throwing.

You know, that old, “You play ball like a girl!” line from "The Sandlot."

So, what did they discover? It turns out that men actually tended to ask for directions faster than women, so that myth was busted. Women proved to be better multi-taskers though, so that one was true.

As for ball throwing, the guys used various tests, including having men and women throw with their non-dominant hands to eliminate any training. What did they find?

“Throws like a girl is not an insult. We did not find in any of our testing that women throw more poorly than men,” they concluded. “Given the training, there’s no reason women can’t overcome cultural bias and throw as well as the guys.”

So, there you have it. Throwing like a girl is a compliment.

"MythBusters" airs Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery.

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