National Penguin Awareness Day 2010: PICTURES Of Penguins, What It Is, How To Celebrate (PHOTOS, INFO)

Penguin Awareness Day 2010 is today, Jan. 20, 2010, offering an opportunity to celebrate penguins around the world.

The penguin comes in a number of different species and some are being threatened by climate change, making the Awareness Day even more important.

It's easy to take part in the celebration of Penguin Awareness Day and share it with those you love. A number of tips on how to celebrate can be found on eHow, including wearing black and white, sending a Penguin Day e-card, replacing your desktop with penguin pictures, passing along penguin pictures, or watching penguin-related films.

Courtesy of Penguin Geek, you can also watch penguins live via these Web cams:

And we've compiled a series of penguin pictures for you to check out. Rate on your favorites and share with your friends!