Neglecting Your Healthcare While Building A Business Can Be Detrimental

Neglecting Your Healthcare While Building A Business Can Be Detrimental
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Starting a business is tough ... I will not lie, fluff it up or begin to express to you that it was all a bed of roses. When I started a few years ago - I only got a few hours of sleep a night from staying up late building my social media presence since I made the decision to design an online platform to serve my clients all over the globe. I heard more no's than yes's and other people did not believe in me (and some still do not) ... but my mentor told me to keep going and put one foot in front of the other and do not ever give up (Winston Churchill). I currently - keep in the back of my mind how many times Walt Disney was told he was not creative and that motivates me to continue growing even when I do not see immediate results as I expect.

A friend of mine - Jesus Sebastian arrived right on time and showed me a better way of doing business! He is a Certified Fitness Nutritionist and I just so happen to practice Holistic Medicine and integrate alternative therapies into my daily life - so we hit it off immediately. He encouraged me not to neglect my healthcare while building a business and he teaches others - health is tied to the success of your business. How - you might ask? Well ... when you are burning the candle at both ends - burnout can easily set in and without taking proper care of yourself there will be longtime issues that are bound to arise. Some examples of the negative health issues include but are definitely not limited to -- heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancers (due to stress alone), weight gain, low sex drive and the list becomes endless.

Jesus wrote a book called 19hrs The New Work Day and developed an Executive Health Program that helps you optimize your wellness so you can handle the day to day pressure without killing yourself and he motivates you to be proactive in taking care of yourself. Staying active, learning ways to keep your brain sharp and feed it nutritious foods and hydrate - will be the formula for optimized success in the business world because you will be functioning at your best! When your fitness is at it's peak you will have an edge because your body will be conditioned to operate at a high performance level. Any of you that consider yourselves "high performance individuals" - are encouraged to join this amazing yet very effective health program and begin seeing results in about (on average) a week. Click here for more details:

A great reminder for us all is this -- the time and money we use to invest in ourselves must reap positive benefits once we truly believe the products and services will be helpful. What we think and speak about is definitely going to show up. We cannot live with a negative mindset and honestly set expectations for ourselves that reap happy rewards - that is not how it works. In fact, it is just the opposite - what I am looking for - I am sure to find. When you set your intentions and the universe knows your desires - you will begin to see those wishes manifesting before you eyes and all of the resources will be at your fingertips.

Blessings and Be Well, Choose Greatness and Step Into Your Power And Take Massive Action For Powerful Results #KB

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