New England Writers Tackle Football

HuffPost Editors: In the build up to the Superbowl, Patriots fan William Ambler has created an incisive line up of New England Patriotic writers. The only question is, which Giant New York literary names could face them?

Read William's line up -- see the Offense then click below to change the page and see the Defensive players -- then place your New York challengers, and their positions, below. Paul Auster for Quarterback, anyone?

NE football Offense

Click on for the Defensive line up!

NE football Defense

Click on to see what happens on the field!

It's the most disappointing Superbowl ever. NE wins the coin toss and elects to receive. On the first offensive play from scrimmage, Lovecraft has the team adopt a formation based on unfathomable, non-Euclidean geometries. All of the players, spectators, and viewers at home have their minds blasted into insanity. In the days that follow, civilization falls and the way is prepared for the Great Old Ones.