New Video: Hip Hop Group Mother Nature Pushes Status Quo with 'MVMNT'

Klevah on the right with T.R.U.T.H
Klevah on the right with T.R.U.T.H

When I first interviewed Mother Nature in a coffee shop in Champaign, Illinois in late 2015, Klevah and T.R.U.T.H were in the early days of the formation of the hip hop duo. Their caustic, intellectual, gritty, and soulful vibes became contagious— igniting what has become a movement of social justice mixed with black self-love and female empowerment.

Just two years later, they’ve moved to Chicago where they continue the movement, inspiring youth through Mother Nature hip hop workshops and questioning status quo.

“I got the sun on me. They got a gun on me,” Mother Nature says on their new single MVMNT. They continue their dialogue about police brutality and staying true to their reputation of never being afraid to address societal issues head on.

Their newest single MVMNT will have all their fans shouting, “It’s about to be a gang, gang, gang…” The new video for MVMNT directed, shot, and edited by multimedia artist Jovan Landry shows the fun, personable, tough and intentional side of Mother Nature, and the bass is just an added finesse to Mother Nature’s distinctive musical mixture.

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