Steve Tisch Wants The NY Giants To Take A 'Leadership Role' On LGBT Issues

Tisch said his team's "You Can Play" PSA represents its "fearless" attitude on social issues.

Earlier this year, the New York Giants released a PSA supporting equal opportunities for LGBT athletes, a message that Giants co-owner Steve Tisch hopes will prevent discrimination in his organization and beyond.

Tisch, who stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss "The Testimony," a new film he produced, said his team is taking a proactive step to tackle the stigma that LGBT athletes could face in the NFL.

"I'd rather not stamp it out, I'd rather deal with it before it needs to be stamped out," he told host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

Tisch added that he wants his team to take a "leadership role" in the issue and lean on New York City's massive media market to spread the message outside of the NFL.

"The Giants, I think, have a very positive reputation for being fearless in terms of social issues, topical issues," he said. "It's on behalf of all athletes, and it's not just limited to the professional community of athletes. It's really addressing another topical issue in the world."

Watch the full conversation with Steve Tisch here.

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